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SPORT Race Running Bike Squad LOCATION East Lothian
AGE GROUPSMajority of age groups coveredTRAINING TIMESVarious (please contact for activity times)
MATCH DAYSVarious (please contact for activity times)PHONE07805 126158

Having realised and evidenced through Market Analysis that there is a significant lack and need of provision for people aged 16 plus with disabilities and mental health issues living in East Lothian to learn develop and appreciate the many benefits from regular participation in Outdoor Activities and Adventure Sports, Beyond Boundaries East Lothian (BBEL) was established with the aims to provide and develop such opportunities.

BBEL are currently working hard towards offering this provision to an initial membership of 48         (4 groups of 12) who will be able to participate in an activity of no less than four hours contact time every second week over a period of 32 weeks throughout the year, there will also be the opportunity for every member to take part in a minimum of a one week and a one week-end residential experience each year.

BBEL will actively promote advancement and learning of Members by being encouraged and assisted to further their personal development through joining local mainstream clubs in their area. The Manager/Activities Coordinator will have the opportunity to access training to obtain further qualifications in order that BBEL can become more self sufficient in the delivery of Outdoor Activities.  Volunteers will be able to further their personal development by receiving regular supervision and training whilst engaging with BBEL. Volunteers will also be nominated for various awards in recognition of their contribution to the success of Beyond Boundaries East Lothian (BBEL).  BBEL is also keen to support Members and Volunteers undertaking Duke of Edinburgh Award units and the John Muir Award.

We will constantly strive to dissolve the physical and social barriers to inclusion by the participation in a wide range of outdoor activities thus enhancing and improving the health and quality of life for all members and by working closely with existing outdoor activity providers, primarily East Lothian Council Outdoor Learning Service and other adventure sports organisations in East Lothian.

Activities will be wide ranging and varied, based locally and further afield, and will be tailored for people with disabilities and mental health issues living in East Lothian. We are keen to also run occasional residential weekends and/or weeks and expeditions with the aim of providing integrated opportunities to explore a variety of challenging wilderness environments.

Some of the activities we will provide will include:


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