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Hockey Development in Focus

Fun Facts......Did you know that hockey is one of the oldest competitive sports, which is recorded way back into Ancient Greek Olympic games?  Field hockey first appeared in the modern Olympic Games at the London Games in 1908 although women’s hockey did not feature until 1980 at the Moscow Games. It was originally a men’s sport as it was considered too dangerous for women!  However in 1887 Mosley, England became the first town to have a women’s hockey club, the rest is history.  Field hockey is played by 3 million people around the world and in Europe it is the 3rd most popular field sport for men. (1st and 2nd are soccer and cricket).The largest hockey stadium is in Lahore in Pakistan with a capacity for 50,000 people.

Hockey in East Lothian

Hockey forms part of the 10 core sports delivered throughout East Lothian and targets the following areas: Primary School Sport, Secondary School Sport, Community Clubs, Coach and Teacher Education, Development and Performance Squads.  The governing body of hockey, Scottish Hockey, supports this programme and works closely with the Development Officer.

Want to get involved in coaching?

There are a number of qualifications you can obtain if you would like to coach hockey.  For volunteers, senior pupils, parents and teachers the Hockey Leaders course offers a basic introduction to the basic skills in hockey.  There is an Introduction to Hockey course aimed at those interested in hockey coaching with little or no coaching experience. 

Be Part of the Hockey Family

Once senior and youth clubs and schools become affiliated members of Scottish Hockey they can take part in national, regional and youth competitions and benefit from newsletters and hockey resources.  Click here for more information on clubs and schools affiliation and all relevant forms.  It’s easy to become a member, it's a click away!


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