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Haddington CSH was one of the first Hubs in Scotland and is still leading the way with it's community focus.

Haddington Find Sport

Legacy LogoHaddington Community Sport Hub is one of the leading hubs in the country. It has been meeting now for almost a year and is now feeling the strength of having a combined voice in the community.

Already it has tackled a number of local challenges in the community:

Our member clubs are:

Haddington Rugby Club Haddington Badminton Club Haddington Athletic Football Club
Haddington Curling Club Haddington Junior Hockey Club Haddington Junior Badminton Club
Haddington & District Amateur Swimming Club  Tyne District Squash Club  Haddington & East Lothian Pacemakers 
Haddington Cricket Club Haddington Table Tennis Club Haddington Tennis Club

We are welcome to new member clubs to the hub so we are a true representation of all sport clubs in Haddington. If you are a sport club and would like more information please contact us here.

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